Where Should I Recycle My Car

Where Should I Recycle My Car

If you have an older vehicle that no longer works, is no longer safe to drive, and you are not planning on repairing it, you probably don’t want it sitting in your driveway or in your garage long-term. There are a variety of options of how you can get rid of a junk car or truck. In this article, we will cover a few different ways you can dispose of your vehicle in the Massachusetts area. For more information on vehicle recycling in Massachusetts, please visit the state site on how to recycle a vehicle legally here in Massachusetts.

What Laws Are There Concerning Vehicle Recycling in Massachusetts

No matter where you go to recycle your vehicle, you will want to make sure you recycle it in accordance with Massachusetts state laws. The RMV will need documentation of the vehicle that is being junked so that they can ensure that the vehicle is not registered or titled again. Before you sell a car for recycling or bring your car to a junkyard you will need to provide that documentation including your vehicle’s title or other ownership documents.

Where Should I Recycle My Car/Truck?

You have a few options for your recycling project. There are a variety of charities and nonprofits that accept vehicles. They then recycle these vehicles and use the money to support their cause. If you are planning to recycle your car to one of these charities you should look up their process and see if they provide pick-up services as well as how they would like you to turn over ownership of the car to you.

However, one of the more common ways to get rid of a vehicle is to sell it yourself. Scrap metal from a used car or truck can be valuable and net you some quick cash. Car’s values are determined based on the weight of the metal. The heavier your vehicle the more money you will be able to get. Generally, vehicle owners can expect anywhere from $100-$400 for a car. However, it is important to note that recycling metal prices are constantly changing. Make sure to get a quote from a local vehicle recycling company before you recycle your car. Supply and demand for recycled metal can increase and decrease pretty rapidly, so you may want to follow trends before you recycle your car to get it at the best price.

Junk Vehicle Recycling in Bridgewater

Here at Chuckran Auto Parts we provide junk car recycling services for residents throughout Massachusetts. At our weighing station, we can determine the exact value of your junk car. If you have questions about your recycling project, or you would like to get an estimate on recycling your vehicle, please give us a call.

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