What Should You Do Before You Get Rid Of A Junk Car

What Should You Do Before You Get Rid Of A Junk Car

What Should You Do Before You Get Rid Of A Junk Car

Getting rid of a junk car is a great way to get some quick cash and get rid of either a vehicle that is too old to drive or has taken too much damage. One of the best ways to get rid of a vehicle is to work with auto parts seller that provides pick-up services. But you might have some questions about what to do first. If you would like help getting rid of a junk car and getting the most on your junk vehicle, we provide junk car removal and recycling services in Massachusetts. Contact us for a quote on your vehicle or to setup a pickup appointment. Read on to learn more about how junk vehicle services work. 

Remove Personal Items & License Plates

One of the first things to do before you recycle a car is to make sure all of your personal belongings are removed. You don’t want to realize after a car is towed away that something was left in the center console or the glove compartment. You especially want to remove any paperwork or legal documents you will need again in the future. In many states, it is required that license plates are removed before a vehicle can be recycled or destroyed. Ownership will be transferred from you to the team that is recycling your vehicle, so plates will need to be removed. 

Should You Remove Parts From Your Vehicle?

Some people who are looking to get the most from their vehicle will remove intact or highly valuable parts from their vehicle before they recycle it. This is recommended if you are planning on simply scrapping the car for the cost of the metal. However, if you are working with a used auto parts dealer, they will want to buy the entire vehicle both for the metal and the parts that can be salvaged and resold. One thing some people consider doing is siphoning gas before they sell the vehicle either to a scrapyard or a used auto parts dealer. Gas will likely not be valuable to either party but could always save you a few bucks by transferring it to another vehicle. 

Don’t Forget To Cancel Car Insurance

If you are paying for insurance for your vehicle, and haven’t canceled it yet, make sure to cancel it so you aren’t paying for a service you no longer need for that vehicle. Alternatively, you can see about transferring the coverage to a new vehicle. 

Find The Right Team For Your Vehicle

If you want to make the maximum amount of money back on your vehicle, it is important to work with the right team. You should consider who is able to give you the most for your old junk vehicle. A scrap metal yard will usually pay you purely for the cost of the metal they can recycle and sell. An auto parts dealer can often buy your vehicle based on the combined value of the metal and the salvageable parts. Some places require you to tow the vehicle at your expense while others will tow vehicles for you and subtract the cost from how much they will pay for the vehicle. Consider looking around for a reputable company in your area that provides the services you need. 

Contact Chuckran Auto Parts For Vehicle Recycling in Massachusetts

If you live in Massachusetts and are planning on recycling a vehicle, please give us a call. We can provide estimates, pickup services, and more information about the process of getting rid of an old junk vehicle. 

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