What Is The Difference Between Ferrous & Non Ferrous Metal?

What Is The Difference Between Ferrous & Non Ferrous Metal?

Different types of metals have different value in the scrapping and recycling industry. Two of the most common terms you will hear when looking at scrap metal recycling projects are ferrous and non-ferrous. Simply put, ferrous metal, is any metal that contains iron. Non-ferrous metals do not contain iron. Ferrous metals include steel, carbon steel, cast iron, etc. The reason the type of metal is so important is because different metals have different applications. The cost of any scrapping project is heavily influenced by the current demand for recycled metals. When metal prices increase, so does the cost of recycled metal. 

Which Types Of MEtal Are Worth The Most When Recycled?

Generally speaking, ferrous metals like iron and steel tend to get lower prices than their non-ferrous counterparts. That is because ferrous metals are very commonly used. There is a high demand, but also a high supply of most ferrous metals. Because of this, the prices for ferrous metals remains pretty consistent. It can rise and fall, but it rarely has dramatic surges in either direction. Unless there is a significant disruption in the metal recycling industry, it is very rare for metal prices to surge when looking at ferrous metals. Non ferrous metals can vary much more. Demand for non ferrous metals can be more inconsistent. Brass and copper can suddenly have increases or decreases in their demand which impact price. 

Is Scrap Metal From Cars Ferrous or Non Ferrous?

The majority of the metal that comes from a car or truck is ferrous metal. Most cars are made primarily with steel. That said, copper can often be found in some parts as can lead. But the best way to get a great value on a scrap car is to understand what makes a scrap car valuable. Selling a scrap car as 100% scrap metal is not optimized. When a car breaks down or gets old, there are likely parts that are still in working order. A used auto parts dealer like Chuckran Auto Parts can take those parts and sell them to local mechanics. The remainder of the vehicle can be scrapped for metal. This helps businesses get the most value from an old car or truck. The salvageable pieces are resold for their potential value, and the rest of the car is sold for the scrap metal value. Because of this, recycling teams like Chuckran Auto Parts can help people get the most for their old vehicle. 

How Much Money Can I Make Recycling An Old Vehicle

The cost of a recycled vehicle can vary greatly based on the age of the vehicle, the condition of the parts and body of the vehicle, who you sell it to, and the current prices for scrap metal and used parts in  your area. If you are looking to get the best price on a used vehicle, we recommend contacting a team like Chuckran Auto Parts and requesting an estimate. We can ask you some simple questions about your vehicle and provide you with a ballpark estimate for what it would like be sold for to our team. 

Contact Chuckran Auto Parts For Vehicle Recycling in Massachusetts

IF you live in Massachusetts and are interested in selling an old vehicle, we would be happy to help. We provide junk car pickup services throughout Massachusetts. Located in Bridgewater our team is happy to come to your location or to see you at our scale office. For more information, please give us a call. 

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