What Are The Advantages Of Recycling Cars?

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What Are The Advantages Of Recycling Cars?

Old vehicles no longer in use account for a substantial part of environmental waste yearly. Recycling these cars is therefore essential for the environment. Stanford University explains that recycling is beneficial to the environment because it reduces the emission of greenhouse gases. These greenhouse gases are responsible for climatic change. 

Besides, inappropriate disposal of cars or their parts could result in land pollution that affects the environment. Therefore, it is crucial to ensure that these old cars are not disposed of but recycled instead.  There are several advantages of recycling cars; some of them are: 

Environmental Protection

A primary element used in car manufacturing is steel. Steel is an alloy of iron, an element known to be toxic to the environment. However, with recycling, you can create steel without going through the process of refining iron ore. 

Moreover, abandoning these old cars for an extensive period wastes landfills. Additionally, it allows harmful chemicals to seep into the ground— this can affect the soil negatively. On the contrary, recycling cars eliminates the problem abandoning cars has on the environment, thereby making the environment an overall safer place. 

Protection of wildlife

Instead of abandoning your cars, it is better to recycle them because recycling protects plants and animals. In the long term, our abandoned vehicles or their parts eventually decompose. But this is unhealthy for plants and wildlife. Some of the materials pollute the soil, making it impossible for plants to survive. And this effect on plants extends to herbivores who need plants to survive. 

Materials like rubber can take as long as 50 years to decompose. Unfortunately, that can do extensive damage to both plants and wildlife. However, we can avoid the effects that decomposing car elements have on plants and animals through recycling. 

Preservation of resources

The steel used in making cars involves the extensive use of resources in its creation. These resources can be conserved by simply recycling cars. Moreover, the process of making steel involves the release of greenhouse gases into the environment. With recycling, you can protect the environment and prevent the release of harmful gases that can cause climatic change. 

Space creation

Most people dispose of their old cars upon getting a new one. One of their reasons for this is to free up space. The same principle applies to land space. Recycling cars usually involves taking them apart— this process frees up a few feet of land. Doing this extensively can help free up hectares of land riddled with old vehicles. 


The process of recycling old vehicles is not only beneficial to the environment. It is also beneficial for individuals because it means more money. You can sell the car to scrap yard experts that work in line with recycling the vehicles. That’s a win-win for every party involved. The process also helps create room for more land-based innovations. 


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