Sell Junk Cars In Canton MA

For many years the team at Chuckran Auto Parts has worked with mechanics and drivers throughout Massachusetts to provide a variety of junk car services as well as used auto parts. Our team helps with recycling cars and trucks, and provides pickup services in Canton. We also ship used auto parts to homes and mechanics in Canton in the surrounding area. And we provide used cars and trucks at our location in Bridgewater. If you have any questions about our services please give us a call

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If  you are looking to make some quick cash, one option is recycling your junk vehicle. An old car or truck can be sold for a decent amount of money especially when you work with a team like Chuckran Auto Parts. Since we are able to get the most value from your vehicle, we can provide the most value to our customers. If you would like a ballpark estimate on what your vehicle might be worth based on make model, and current pricing, please fill out this form or give us a call. 

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If you are a mechanic in Canton or you live in the Canton area and are working on a repair project for your vehicle, we can ship vehicle parts to your location. Our online inventory is made up of used parts from a variety of different makes and models. The inventory is always changing, so you can click below to see what we have for sale. Otherwise you can give us a call for more information. With 70 years in this industry we can help you find the parts you need. 


Junk cars are difficult to move around, whether it is because they are impossible to drive or unsafe to drive, because of this you often have to find a solution for moving the vehicle. We provide vehicle towing and pickup services in Canton. If you are interested in recycling a totaled or junk car, give us a call to discuss the recycling process and schedule a pickup time.

Need a car for your home? Whether you are looking to get another vehicle for your family or you simply need a car now that you are out of college, we can help. We are one of the top rated dealers of used vehicles in the Canton area. If you are interested in learning more, click below for our inventory, or give us a call. We are appointment-only for our used cars department. 


Scrap/Scale Office

 Current Junk car price:

$190 per Net Ton/$212 Per Gross Ton

Ferrous Metals

Heavy Iron

Motor Blocks (Drained)$192NT$215 GT
#1 HMS$192NT$215 GT
Brake Rotors & Drums$192 NT$215 GT

Cars, Light Duty Trucks, Light Iron

Cars$190 NT$212 GT
Light Duty Trucks$190 NT$212 GT
Light Iron$160 NT$179 GT

Heavy Duty Trucks

Heavy Duty Trucks$ PORPer Gross Ton

Auto Scrap

Batteries$5.00 / each
Irony AluminumMarket