Scrapping a Car for Quick Cash

Scrapping a Car for Quick Cash

When you find yourself unable to pay a bill on time, you may look for ways to make quick cash. Since scrapping a car is an option for extra cash, you may want to examine the specifics. It is essential to know if scrapping a car is worth the money, time, and effort that goes into the process.

Where Can You Scrap a Car?

Any junkyard will take a car off your hands for scrap. However, while a junkyard might take your vehicle for quick cash, you could likely make much more by doing the scrapping part yourself. If you scrap the car and then sell off the parts, you’ve taken the work out of the job, thus earning you more cash than had you scrapped a whole vehicle. A junkyard or scrap yard will take parts faster because of the storage space required.

How are Cars Scrapped?

Cars are scrapped with a typical process:
  1. Disassemble
  2. Separate magnetic metals from nonmagnetic metals
  3. Sell in order of demand
The process seems easy enough but takes a lot of time and effort. There are far more parts in a car than most people realize. The disassembly of a vehicle can take a long time for someone experienced and much longer for someone who is not. Separating the metals can also take a lot of time. Finally, selling when the parts are in demand can require knowledge of the market and contacts that can tell you what they are looking for. Scrapping a car for cash is not a quick and easy way to make some extra money.

Are there Parts that You Cannot Scrap?

There is a list of items in a vehicle that will not make you any money. Scrap yards do not take plastics, wood, dangerous things like radioactive materials, lead, or mercury. These items will go straight into the recycling or garbage. There is no money to be made off of these parts of your scrap.  


For questions on how we can help scrap or buy your used vehicle, contact us today for a quick and transparent quote! Since 1949, Chuckran Auto Parts has been providing vehicle recycling services for cars and trucks that are beyond repair. Turn your old vehicle or late model wrecks into cash by calling us today!

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