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What Are The Advantages Of Recycling Cars?

Old vehicles no longer in use account for a substantial part of environmental waste yearly. Recycling these cars is therefore essential for the environment. Stanford University explains that recycling is beneficial to the environment because it reduces the emission of greenhouse gases. These greenhouse gases are responsible for climatic change. Besides, inappropriate disposal of cars …

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Scrap/Scale Office

 Current Junk car price:

$110 per Net Ton/$123 Per Gross Ton

Ferrous Metals

Cast Iron

Motor Blocks (Drained)$165 NT$185 GT
Brake Rotors & Drums$165 NT$185 GT

Cars & Light Duty Trucks

Cars$110 NT$123 GT
Light Duty Trucks$110 NT$123 GT
Auto Light Iron$110 NT$123 GT

Heavy Duty Trucks

Heavy Duty Trucks$ PORPer Gross Ton

Auto Scrap

Batteries$5.00 / each
Irony AluminumMarket