Parts Delivery Driver

Job Title:

Parts Delivery Driver

Job Category:



Parts Department

Job Code/ Req#:



Bridgewater, MA

Travel Required:


Level/Salary Range:

Based on experience

Position Type:

Full Time

HR Contact:

Sean Medeiros

Date posted:

February 21, 2022

Will Train Applicant(s):


Posting Expires:


Primary Objective:

Safely and exceptionally operate equipment: a delivery truck, delivering parts.

Primary Responsibility:

Operate and properly maintain a delivery truck, delivering parts.

Applications Accepted By:


Fax: 508-697-1019 or email

Position Title: Parts Delivery Driver

Attention: Sean Re: PD-1



Sean Medeiros
Chuckran Auto Parts, Inc.
1775 Old Plymouth Street
Bridgewater, MA 2324

Job Description


  • Deliver auto parts to various customer locations daily
  • Communicate with dispatch department to effectively manage scheduled pick up times
  • Maintain polite, courteous, and helpful demeanor in dealing with customer base
  • Check and maintain truck on a daily basis, ensuring all DOT safety requirements are met
  • Be able to troubleshoot and occasionally repair mechanical issues with equipment as they arise
  • Unload parts at customer location and ensure all parts are present
  • Operate equipment on roadways in accordance with all state and federal laws, in the safest fashion possible


  • Must have a high level of situational awareness, to maintain a safe work zone
  • Must be able to identify, and if necessary, fix mechanical issues with equipment
  • Must be able to properly maintain the equipment operated each day
  • Must be able to effectively communicate and take direction
  • Must have Medical Clearance Card
  • High School diploma or equivalent
  • Must work well in a group exemplifying teamwork as a unit


  • Class D Drivers’ License or Higher
  • General automotive knowledge is helpful
  • Management experience is helpful (Not a management position, used as a character measure)
  • Experience in a similar industry is helpful
  • Geographical awareness is helpful


  • Must have personal Cell Phone, used to communicate with dispatch and customers
  • Must have personal GPS unit, to navigate to customer locations


  • Must be able to climb in or around delivery truck to properly secure parts for delivery
  • Ability to handle frequent temperature changes
  • Occasional lifting of parts

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