Is Towing Included When I Sell My Junk Car?

Scrapping an old vehicle is beneficial in many ways. First and foremost, you can usually get a decent amount of cash for a junk vehicle based on the condition of the car and current scrap prices. Of course, recycling is great for the environment, and a good auto recycling business usually can salvage the working parts which gives them a second life and helps reduce waste. And also, if you have a junk car just sitting in your garage or in your driveway, it is nice to have the space back. But different facilities handle junk and scrap car recycling services differently. In this article we will discuss towing services. 

Do Junk Car Removal Services Provide Towing?

Every business is different, so you should always check ahead first. That said, most facilities that are equipped to weight junk cars, recycle junk cars, and also sell used auto parts, own towing vehicles. Part of the ecosystem of recycling junk cars and trucks is getting them to your facility. So it is very rare that a junk vehicle recycling service doesn’t have either their own towing service or a third-party towing service. It would be like a restaurant that doesn’t have a kitchen. It is pretty fundamentally necessary that there is a solution for moving vehicles that cannot safely be operated due to damage or age. But as we stated earlier, you should always check, because it is possible that a company will require the owner to move the vehicle at their own expense. 

is Towing Included In My Car Estimate?

That depends on the company you work with. Different companies have different ways of approaching towing away junk cars and vehicles. A common strategy is to subtract the towing cost from the buying price for the vehicle. In that regard, if you have the ability to tow a junk vehicle, you might consider doing it yourself to maximize your profit on your junk car or truck. Of course, if the only way you can tow a vehicle is hiring a service you will need to just consider which service is more cost effective. And of course, it is often most convenient to just rely on the scrapping company to provide the towing service so there are only two parties involved. They can come, pick up the car, and tow it away. 

How ARe Vehicle Towing Costs Calculated?

Towing services tend to price themselves based on a base rate plus the distance between your location and the location where the vehicle is towed. For this reason, it is sometimes beneficial to work with a closer scrap vehicle location in order to decrease the likelihood that you will lose more money on towing. Most auto parts companies and companies that provide towing and recycling services will not serve areas that are so far away that the cost of towing would be greater than the value of salvaging and recycling. 

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