How to sell your car for scrap

scrap car sales

How to sell your car for scrap

Stephen Redhead once said, “Everything in life has a limited shelf life, basically an expiry date.”  This may be the case with your car. You may have started considering the option of selling it off as scrap, but you want to make the best of the sale? Here are a few tips to help you out.


  • Know the worth of the car
Sometimes, junk costs money. This is true about scrap cars. You may be surprised how much you may be able to take in by trading off your car. 
  •  Get the documents in order.
A vehicle history report will bring your attention to likely issues that could make your buyer suspicious. 
  • The title documents and other necessary paperwork should also be in order. These include receipts, contracts of sale and others.
  • You should declare to the buyer that your title is a salvage title or a rebuilt title where that is applicable. 
It should come as no surprise if the production of these documents is emphatically demanded as a reputable junk car dealer is normally expected to request proof of ownership.  What can you do if you have no title? All you need to do is find out which government agency handles car title issues in your state. The internet should come in handy here. Once you have done that, you apply for a replacement of the car title. Then, you might be requested to submit your personal information, such as identity documents, and other necessary information as may relate to your title. 
  • You will be required to submit car documents like proof of ownership and the car’s VIN among other things.
If you got the car from a private seller and it happened that the title got lost before you could transfer the car to your own name, all you have to do is contact the seller and get them to apply for a replacement title. If you can not do all that, you can just approach the court to obtain a title by court order. You may have to look up the legal requirements and the documents required by the court to obtain a title by the order of a court. It may also involve appearing in front of a house and swearing any legally prescribed oath.
  • Choose between your options.
You may have to choose between the noble cause of donating the car to charity or selling it off to a local junkyard. A reputable junkyard owner will offer you a fair price for your car. It may be helpful to have offers from more than just one junkyard. This will help you get a reasonable price range. Alternatively, donating to charity may seem more appealing. But even at that, it may be best to sell off and hand the cash over to the charity if you desire.


For questions on how we can help scrap or buy your used vehicle, contact us today for a quick and transparent quote! Since 1949, Chuckran Auto Parts has been providing vehicle recycling services for cars and trucks that are beyond repair. Turn your old vehicle or late model wrecks into cash by calling us today!

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