How to Make the Most Money for Your Scrap

How to Make the Most Money for Your Scrap

If you are planning a renovation or already had one, one way to make some extra cash is to sell your metal scraps for money. Make no mistake, you can make a lot of money from selling scrap metals.

Want to get started with selling scrap metals? Consider this as a starters guide on how you can make the most money from your scrap.

Sure-fire Tips on How You can Make Money selling Scrap Metals

Locate and Separate your Metals

Different metals have varying price tags in local scrap yards. Before you drive a truck load of scrap metals to a scrap yard, take out time to locate different metals and sort them out.

Put all the brass together, do the same for aluminum, copper, and others. If not, you might be paid for a single material. So, if you don’t properly sort out your metals, you might just get paid for a single item. Let’s say one pound of aluminum is $5 and copper is $7.65, and you have a load of both metals, you might only get paid for aluminum.

If you properly sort out your metals, you can sell them differently and get your extra bucks.

A great example is ferrous and non-ferrous metals. The latter is usually more valuable than the former. So, if you take a bucket of scrap metals without sorting them out, you might get paid for everything at the price of non-ferrous metals.

A good rule of thumb is to use the magnet test. As you load your metals, check them out with a magnet. The ones that stick are ferrous metals. The one that do not are non-ferrous metals like brass, copper, and aluminum. These ones are more expensive.

Disassemble your scrap items

Let’s say you bring a refrigerator or an air conditioning unit to a scrap yard, you might get a good deal. But do you know how you can get a better deal, by disassembling your item into pieces and sorting out the metals in it. This way, you can sell them separately and attract better deals.

The same principle applies when you want to sell copper wire or insulated cable. If you dump a large quantity of wire, you might get a really good deal. But if you strip off the wire, you can get the copper in it and sell it for more money.


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