How to Get the Most Value When Scrapping Your Car

How to Get the Most Value When Scrapping Your Car

Whether you get into an accident or run your car to the ground, you’ll likely reach a point where you think your car is junk. Rather than sell your car for continued use, you’ll likely scrap your car for parts. When it comes time to scrap your car, you want to make sure to get the most value possible. Follow these steps to get the most value when scrapping your car.

Examine the Condition of Your Vehicle

The condition of your vehicle will have an impact on the price when bringing it in for an initial quote. This is an important way to determine an estimated quote because scrap yards there are a variety of materials that can be salvaged, scrapped & resold. The better the condition the vehicle is in, the better the quote will be. it is important to note that cosmetic damage can also reduce the value of your car at a scrapyard, such as damaged fenders & side panels.

When it comes to scrapping a vehicle for cash, There are a variety of factors that come into play, as the prices for materials can change drastically based on supply and demand. If you are interested in scrapping your vehicle, it is advised to contact a local scrap yard to inspect the vehicle and provide an accurate quote based on the make, model & condition.

Protect Your Liabilities and Save Money

Along with making money, you also want to make sure you don’t lose any money by scrapping your vehicle. Make sure you complete the following to keep yourself out of trouble.

  • Remove the License Plate
    • Some states require that you remove and return the license plate when you sell or scrap a car. Even if you aren’t legally required to do so, it’s still a good idea to remove your plate.
  • Cancel Your Auto Insurance
    • Since you won’t be driving your car anymore, there’s no need to pay for insurance. You know how much switching car insurance can save you, but canceling will save you even more.

Remove Your Belongings

While you’re likely focused on the value of various car parts, don’t forget the worth of items you keep in your car. Not only does removing CDs, hidden cash, and books keep money in your hands, but it also makes the scrapping/cleaning process easier.

Cash In Big By Scrapping or Selling Your Car With Chuckran Auto Inc.

Even if a junkyard isn’t planning on reselling the car, it’s still a good idea to provide them with the title. As long as you have the title in your name, you are responsible for the car. Chuckran Auto can purchase your vehicle regardless of the condition, we can work with you to procure a new vehicle from our expansive selection, or sell your car for scrap to help you get funds fast in a time of need. Contact us today for questions on what to know when scrapping your vehicle!

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