How Much Can You Get Selling A Junk Car in 2024

Getting rid of an old car or truck is a great way to make some quick cash. In Massachusetts you can get a few hundred dollars for an old vehicle. Of course, there are many factors that impact how much you can expect for your car or truck. Understanding these factors can help you make the right choice when choosing to get rid of a car or truck. However, the best way to know what you can expect before selling a car or truck is to get an estimate from a local scrap vehicle recycling company. If you live in Massachusetts and are looking to get rid of a junk car, click below for a quote from our team or continue reading more to learn about vehicle recycling. 

How Do Make And Model Impact Scrap Vehicle Prices?

One of the biggest factors in how much you can get when selling a junk car for scrap metal, is the make and model of your vehicle. Scrap vehicle prices are based on the vehicle that is being sold. This can be impacted in two ways. First and foremost, the size of a vehicle often has the largest impact on how much it is worth. Scrap facilities sell metal from vehicles, so bigger vehicles are worth more money. Another thing to consider is salvaging. If your vehicle has modern parts that are in good condition that might increase the value of the vehicle. Newer vehicles are sometimes worth more than older counterparts. Finally, the overall condition matters as well. A vehicle that is rusted and falling apart has less to salvage than a vehicle in a better condition. 

How Do You GEt The Most For REcycling a Vehicle?

Choosing the right company has a huge impact on how much you can get your vehicle. Getting quotes can help you make sure you are getting a good price for your scrap vehicle. One way companies differ is how they recycle vehicles. Some scrap recycling centers focus mostly on recycling and selling scrap metal. Other facilities are equipped to remove the high-quality parts and sell them as used parts and then scrap the rest of the vehicle. These companies are often able to get more out of each vehicle they receive which means they can usually offer more. 

How Much Does It Cost To Tow My Junk Vehicle?

If you have a car or truck that is ready to be scrapped it probably cannot be driven. Unless you have towing capabilities you will likely need to consider getting the vehicle towed to the facility where it will be scrapped. Luckily, some scrap facilities provide a towing service where the towing cost is subtracted from their offer. Other facilities will require you to bring your vehicle on your own which could cost a decent amount of money. Towing can often cost over a hundred dollars which can impact your take home cash after recycling a vehicle. 

Scrap Vehicle Recycling in Massachusetts

If you live in Massachusetts and are looking to get rid of a junk car or truck, give us a call or click below to get an estimate on your junk vehicle. Estimates can help you make the best decision when it comes to selling a scrap vehicle. 

Scrap/Scale Office

 Current Junk car price:

$190 per Net Ton/$212 Per Gross Ton

Ferrous Metals

Heavy Iron

Motor Blocks (Drained)$192NT$215 GT
#1 HMS$192NT$215 GT
Brake Rotors & Drums$192 NT$215 GT

Cars, Light Duty Trucks, Light Iron

Cars$190 NT$212 GT
Light Duty Trucks$190 NT$212 GT
Light Iron$160 NT$179 GT

Heavy Duty Trucks

Heavy Duty Trucks$ PORPer Gross Ton

Auto Scrap

Batteries$5.00 / each
Irony AluminumMarket