How Does Junk Car Pickup Work in Massachusetts

Finding The Right Used Auto Parts Dealer

A common issue for drivers is dealing with an old vehicle. When a car is totaled or no longer functioning it can be difficult to get rid of. You have a few options on what to do. You could donate it to a charity, bring it to a junkyard at your expense, or you could sell it. Some recycling centers will require you to handle the transportation of your vehicle. But some businesses like Chuckran Auto Parts are equipped to provide junk vehicle pickup services. We both buy your vehicle and tow it to our location Bridgewater where it can be scrapped and parts in good condition can be salvaged. We get the most value out of the cars we recycle, which is translated to what you can get when you sell your vehicle. If you are interested in setting this up with us, please give us a call or click below for more information. In the meantime, here is some additional information about recycling a vehicle. 

What Is The Best Way To GEt Rid Of A Junk CAr?

There are a few options for getting rid of a vehicle that was totaled or is otherwise not useable or not worth repairing. Junkyards will sometimes take vehicles, and many scrap metal places will also provide some money for a vehicle. However, the best option for a junk vehicle is to work with a company that deals in used auto parts. A used auto parts dealer like Chuckran Auto Parts can salvage any of the valuable parts so that they can be resold. Often when a vehicle is no longer functional there are still parts and systems that could have a second life in a different car. This is invaluable for mechanics and other drivers. And for you, this means the business you are working with is going to get the best value for your vehicle. Whatever cannot be salvaged can be scrapped and that metal can be recycled and sold as well. We highly recommend that drivers work with used Auto Parts dealers because this is a win-win-win for drivers, mechanics, vehicle owners, and the environment. 

Do I Have TO Pay To Have My Junk Vehcile Removed?

Not necessarily. Some facilities like ours will pay you to remove your vehicle. Different facilities have different ways of handling junk vehicle projects. A true junkyard will likely either charge you for pickup services or require you to transport the vehicle yourself at your own expense. But places that can salvage and recycle vehicles sometimes offer to do it either for free or will outright buy your junk vehicle, set up a pick up time, and tow your vehicle away in one fell swoop. In some cases, the cost of towing or transporting the vehicle is factored into how much they are willing to pay for your junk vehicle. 

Sell & REcycle Your Car In Massachusetts

If you own a used vehicle that you need to get rid of, we would be happy to help. We work throughout Massachusetts to help drivers and mechanics with a variety projects including buying and recycling vehicles, selling auto parts, and more. For more information, an estimate, or an appointment, please give us a call. 

Scrap/Scale Office

 Current Junk car price:

$190 per Net Ton/$212 Per Gross Ton

Ferrous Metals

Heavy Iron

Motor Blocks (Drained) $183NT $205 GT
#1 HMS $183NT $205 GT
Brake Rotors & Drums $183 NT $205 GT

Cars, Light Duty Trucks, Light Iron

Cars $190 NT $212 GT
Light Duty Trucks $190 NT $212 GT
Light Iron $160 NT $179 GT

Heavy Duty Trucks

Heavy Duty Trucks $ POR Per Gross Ton

Auto Scrap

Batteries $5.00 / each
Irony Aluminum Market

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