How Can I Sell My Car For Scrap?

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How Can I Sell My Car For Scrap?

Did you know you could make some money from your old car even though it looks lifeless? No? Well…now you know. Instead of abandoning your old car in the backyard, you can make some value by selling it for scraps. But what do you have to do? This article will explain how you can sell your scrap car and earn a small fortune from it. 

Discover Your Vehicle’s Worth

Most car owners planning to sell scraps often neglect to inquire about the value of a scrap car. However, when finding out the worth gives a hint of the best offer you can make. You can engage in an online search or use tools for estimation of the vehicle’s actual value. You will need to provide your car’s information to get an estimate.

Prepare The Paperwork

If you are selling the car itself, gather the necessary documents that prove you are the owner. Nobody wants to buy a stolen car, all in the name of scrap. So for clarification, you need to provide your car title and relevant paperwork. This will stand as an assurance that you are the owner of the car you put up for sale. 

Before you can close the deal, you need to transfer the title to the buyer, remove the plates, and release the signed liability.  You will need a certificate of destruction and a vehicle logbook before you can scrap your car.

Where Can I Sell My Scrap Car?

Junkyards & Scrap Vehicle Pick Up Services

Instead of hauling your car down to the junkyard, and soliciting for a buyer, more often than not you can contact a local junkyard and they will pick your vehicle up free of charge.  This will not only reduce the amount of effort & time needed to move a car yourself (depending on its condition) but knowing that you’ll get a fair price and the car can be relocated with the proper equipment.

What Next After Sales?

Take your time to check through every compartment. If you don’t find anything valuable, take the cash and give the key to the new owner. 


For questions on how we can help scrap or buy your used vehicle, contact us today for a quick and transparent quote! Since 1949, Chuckran Auto Parts has been providing vehicle recycling services for cars and trucks that are beyond repair. Turn your old vehicle or late model wrecks into cash by calling us today!

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